When will you get your vape?

E-cigarette sales have been booming in Australia since the country became the first country in the world to decriminalise possession of small amounts of cannabis last year.

But many smokers are still wary of using a nicotine delivery device and fear it will cause them to quit smoking altogether.

So we asked a few experts how to deal with the prospect of a sudden cessation from cigarettes.

The answer is: never.

Here are five ways you can vape in a way that will make you feel as though you are smoking.


Drink coffee to help you kick the nicotine habit.

If you are not using a vaporizer or vape pen, try drinking a cup of coffee.

This is particularly effective when you are trying to get the hang of vaping, says Lisa McKeown, founder of Vapor.com, a vaping company in Melbourne.

This will help you burn more of the nicotine and it will help get rid of the tar and other harmful compounds that you have ingested, she says.

“You can drink a cup and it’ll help you feel more relaxed, more relaxed and then you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of the e-cigarette more.”

You can also try drinking water to boost your metabolism, which will help with nicotine withdrawal symptoms.


Put on a show.

If a friend or family member is smoking, you may not be able or willing to show them the vape.

That is OK, says McKeon, as long as you have a way to show the person how to use the device and how to inhale and exhale.

This could be a small tray of white paper, a piece of bubble wrap or a pen.

The idea is that you show them how to open and close the vape so they feel comfortable and comfortable doing it, McKeow says.


Put it on a shelf.

If your vape is not on a table, put it in a drawer.

You don’t want it on top of a bookcase, she advises.


Have it attached to a wall.

If it is hanging in a cupboard, put a small piece of cardboard on top.

If the cupboard is small enough, put one of those cardboard cubes on top as well.


Put a sticker on it.

If its on a coffee table, place a sticker over it to help it stay put.

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