When you buy weed, you’re also buying a weed, says The Smoking Gun

Marijuana is now legal in the United States, and for a variety of reasons, including the legalization of recreational use, people are buying weed on the black market.

And, for some, the cannabis they buy is far more potent than the stuff they smoked when they were growing up.

But while marijuana legalization may have brought more people into the market, it also has brought more risks.

And for many consumers, those risks have been rising.

In a series of interviews with Bloomberg Businessweek, two former employees of a major weed producer in Colorado said that the weed they buy today is far less potent than what they smoked before legalization.

That’s partly because of new restrictions imposed by the federal government on the sale of marijuana, but it’s also because they’ve been buying it from a supplier with an outdated lab.

A former weed producer who asked to remain anonymous told Bloomberg BusinessWeek that he’s had to replace his old lab for his production, and he also said that his supply of cannabis has gotten “out of control.”

And he says that’s the case for a number of his customers, even though he hasn’t had any recent problems.

The weed in question, a strain called “Flower,” has about four times the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content of a common strain of marijuana.

And it’s grown on a farm in an area that’s largely untamed, making it an easy target for drug cartels, according to the former weed farmer.

According to a report by the National Cannabis Industry Association, more than 20% of the plants in the U.S. are grown on farms with outdated or nonexistent labs.

“The cannabis industry is in a lot of disarray, a lot worse than it was in 2008, but I think we’ve got the ingredients,” said Michael Smith, who left the cannabis business he founded in 2005 after being fired by his employer.

“There’s not enough capital for the farmers, and they’re losing their money.”

A new law is coming into effect on January 1, 2019, which makes it illegal to grow, distribute, and possess marijuana.

That means that some of the growers and manufacturers that were once so dependent on the weed market are also in a tough spot, especially if they decide to start selling it.

As a result, some growers and companies are starting to turn to marijuana as a way to survive.

But that’s not always a wise move.

“You don’t have to be a marijuana dealer to be in a business where you can get away with doing the wrong thing,” said Joe Sacco, who is also a former weed breeder.

He says that because of this new law, it’s become harder for him to keep a foothold in Colorado, where his company sells weed for recreational use.

And now, a new strain called Flower is also available.

Sacco and his company are the only ones who are legally allowed to sell marijuana in Colorado.

“If you’re not a licensed marijuana dealer, you have to follow the new rules,” he said.

Saturated with the THC that has been removed from the plant, the new weed isn’t nearly as potent as the weed grown before legalization, according the former Weed Breeder.

But he said that’s no reason to sell it to someone who doesn’t have a lab to prove that it’s the right strain.

“My point is, if you are a licensed dealer, don’t sell weed to someone that you don’t know,” Sacco said.

“Because that’s how you’re going to get caught.”

A number of weed growers and businesses in Colorado have tried to expand into the marijuana industry after the federal law came into effect.

But the process of becoming a licensed producer and grower is time-consuming and expensive, according Michael Smith.

And while Smith and his wife, Christine, have grown a number the strains they’re trying to grow now, they still haven’t had much luck.

For the most part, Smith said, they haven’t gotten a chance to meet with the labs they’re working with.

The other way weed growers can become licensed is by filing a form with the state.

And because the weed is being grown under strict regulations, they’re able to get licenses for less potent strains.

But for Sacco’s company, he said he was still not getting much help from the state’s Department of Revenue.

“I have not been getting any money for it, no,” Saturated told Bloomberg.

“It’s been like a nightmare.”

A few years ago, Sacco was working with his friend, Adam Karp, and his business partner, Andrew Bostrom, on a new product.

But because the two were involved in marijuana cultivation, they were able to have the ability to grow and sell weed in Colorado and get a license to do so.

The two, along with a group of others, were able get

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