What is e-cigarette risk?

This week, the Federal Trade Commission released a report that analyzed e-cigarettes as an “e-cigarette alternative” that’s “similar to smoking.”

The agency says these e-cigs are less harmful than traditional cigarettes, but “have serious health risks.”

The FTC found that about 90 percent of the e-cig users in the survey were between the ages of 18 and 35.

The agency concluded that e-liquid is more likely to cause respiratory irritation and other “recreational tobacco-related” health problems than traditional cigarette smoke.

The report also found that, while the majority of users have never tried smoking, “e Cigarettes are not a smoking cessation tool.”

But the FTC did not say whether these e,cig users are likely to quit smoking altogether.

And even if they are, the agency said, they may have to wait until they get their next e-liquids, and there’s no guarantee that they’ll be able to avoid smoking again.

In response, the American Lung Association has called for the FDA to require manufacturers of e-Cigarettes to warn consumers about the risk of breathing problems from e-juice.

It has also called for tighter regulation of e cigarettes.

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