Which NFL players smoke?

The NFL is trying to find out which players smoke.

The league announced Monday it is launching a new initiative to determine the prevalence of nicotine, carbon monoxide, and other contaminants in cigarette smoke.

The league said that it would study cigarette smoke in conjunction with its own lab and gather data from players who smoke.

It said it will use that data to help develop a “more comprehensive and transparent smoking program.”

The league, which is a division of the NFL Players Association, has long struggled with the issue of smoking in the NFL, with some players calling for the league to ban the product entirely.

In an effort to increase awareness of the problem, the NFL has been experimenting with a smoke-free policy since 2011.

It introduced the new initiative last week.

The NFLPA said it hopes to have data from the new program up and running by September.

The NFL has previously launched a study on smoking and lung cancer and has been able to measure the levels of some carcinogens, but not the amounts of nicotine or other chemicals in cigarettes.

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