Which cigarette brand is the best?

A survey of Reddit users has revealed which brand of e-cigarettes is the most popular among their community.

The survey was conducted on February 25, and found that nearly 60% of respondents had purchased a single pack of eGo-style disposable e-cigarette from Amazon.

It is the second largest e-cig market on the web, behind the US.

Some of the brands included include:Lite eGo,Vap-O-Matic,Go-Go,Scent-A-Lite,GoTek,GoVap,Ego-Tech,Vaporizer,Stim,Sticky eGo (the most popular), and more.

These results have sparked debate among e-cigs enthusiasts, who believe the brand name is misleading, and could encourage others to switch to the cheaper alternative.

“It is very misleading to say you can buy a pack of gum for $0.20, when the cheapest gum you can get is $0,99,” wrote user tbhcgk on the subreddit.

Another user, lk2, commented: “We’ve had e-juice and e-liquid products advertised on TV and in ads and we’ve also seen it being advertised in our local grocery stores, in our schools, and even in some churches. 

The e-liquids advertised on T.V. and in grocery stores have been called ‘fraud’ and ‘vape smoke’ by some people.”

E-cigarette sales are estimated to have increased by nearly 10,000% since 2010, when more than 5 million Americans had tried them.

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