Microsoft Surface Pro 3: The Surface Pro 4 is still the best device in 2017

Microsoft Surface Pros are still the most popular and widely-used laptops in the world, according to an analysis from PCMark, the firm’s software benchmarking service.

But that’s not the case for other products on the market.

In a separate report from PCMag, we found that, while the Surface Pro 5 and Surface Pro 6 still rank as the best-selling laptop in the U.S., the Surface RT’s popularity dropped from 9.4% to 7.6% in 2017.

While the Surface Mini 3 is still a top-selling tablet, it is currently in the same range as the Surface Pen.

As for the other laptops on the charts, the Surface 10 and Surface 13 rank among the best laptops in terms of performance and design, but both are no longer in the top ten.

And while the Microsoft Surface Book 3 and Surface Book 4 are the best notebooks in terms on battery life, they’re not in the best range for battery life.

The Surface Pro, which launched in 2013, has been a major success, but it has been plagued with issues, including the Surface Laptop Pro’s battery problems.

In a year that has seen several major updates to the Surface line, Microsoft has been unable to address some of the issues it has had with the previous generations of Surface devices.

Microsoft hasn’t released a replacement for the Surface PRO, but the company is working on an update that will be coming to the laptop.

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