Why are we selling e cigarettes in Mexico?

Mexico’s e-cigarette ban may be temporary, but it could be temporary.

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court in Tamaulipas legalized the sale of e-cigarettes in Mexico.

In addition, there are plans to extend the ban through 2019, the day of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice.

The new law comes after the Mexican government issued an executive order in December that temporarily suspended the sales of e.cigs in all of the countrys five states.

The new rules also extend to all of Mexico’s 15 municipalities.

But in light of the federal ban, the state of Mexico has started to distribute e-cigs through the new e-smokes kiosks in major cities.

These kiosks allow people to purchase the cigarettes online and then have them shipped to their homes for consumption.

According to a spokesperson from the state, the e-cig ban has been suspended since June of last year.

They say that the law has had a significant impact on the economy, and the number of smokers has declined by up to 20 percent.

The spokesperson said that the number was down because of the increased use of e cigarette in Mexico, especially among the youth.

But the spokesperson also noted that the kiosks are not the only way to buy e-liquids in Mexico and other parts of the world.

They said that many e-liquid companies also sell e-colas at other outlets and in stores.

However, it is unclear if these sales will resume after the new regulations take effect.

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