Delhi court orders ban on anti e cigarette

Delhi: A Delhi court on Monday issued an order prohibiting electronic cigarettes and harmful e cigarette (DEA) from sale in the city.

According to the order, electronic cigarettes containing nicotine, as well as electronic cigarette devices and cartridges, contain harmful substances and will not be allowed in the market.

The court had directed the department of urban development and environment to formulate guidelines on the sale and use of electronic cigarettes.

The order came after a group of local e-cigarette users challenged the sale of the devices in the district after the state government passed a law prohibiting the sale, manufacture and distribution of electronic cigarette products in the capital.

The Delhi High Court had earlier directed the government to issue regulations on the use of the e-cigarettes, which was approved by the government.

The ban came on a day when the Delhi High Commission issued a circular to all departments to ban the sale or distribution of the products.

The state government has also directed the Delhi police to issue a circular barring sales of the device in the Capital.

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