When E-cigarettes are banned in India, the country’s tobacco smokers are going to be left smoking cigarettes

E-cigarette bans in India are being considered by the Supreme Court, after a four-judge bench on Tuesday agreed to hear a case on whether the move is legal.

The bench was hearing a challenge filed by the Union of India against the ban on e-cigarettes, and the government said it would be hearing the case within the next few days.

The ban has been strongly opposed by many groups, including the World Health Organisation, which has called it a “disastrous step”.

The government’s move comes a week after the Supreme Council of India, India’s top legal body, said it had issued a circular to all government departments mandating that e-cigarette packets must be stored in a place “at least 20 cm (six feet) from the ground, including on the roof of the building and on the floor of the house”.

In response, the government has said the government would continue to ban e-cigs.

The Supreme Court has also directed the Centre to set up a committee to study the issue.

The decision came as the Centre said it is ready to ban or restrict the sale of e-cigarettes, as it did in the past.

The government also said it will look into other ways to curb the use of e cigs, including allowing a public auction.

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